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of What We Do

Jane Doe Investigations is a Michigan licensed Private Investigation Company located in Commerce, MI.


We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality investigations throughout Michigan.


Our team is comprised of experienced investigators…over 1050 years of combined law enforcement, military, business and insurance experience.


Jane Doe Investigations uses the latest technology to provide the most complete investigative services.

  • Surveillance

    Jane Doe Investigations surveillance begins with experienced, highly trained investigators who use the latest technology, equipment and surveillance techniques to obtain excellent results.

    Our surveillance services include:

    • Mobile surveillance – allowing our investigators to follow the claimant to and from multiple locations and observe the claimant at specific events or activities

    • Covert surveillance – allowing our investigators to observe the claimant more closely in certain situations, i.e. grocery shopping.

    • Stationary Camera surveillance - using alternate vehicles stationed at requested locations for a specified time.

    Our surveillance investigators are former law enforcement, military and insurance investigators who follow all laws, ethical standards and are results oriented. We stand by the evidence we produce and will be efficient at court testimony and professional in appearance.


  • Assigned Claims Investigations

    The Assigned Claims Investigation team reviews Michigan Personal Injury Protection auto insurance claims made through the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan (MACP) and their contracted insurance carriers. Such investigations include:


    • Comprehensive searches into order-of-priority, constructive ownership and permissive-use of a vehicle.


    Interviews with the involved parties include requesting the details of an accident; identifying other information such as:


    • Claimant injuries, medical treatment, wage loss, attendant care, replacement services, health insurance, medical mileage and transportation services which are all aspects of each standard Personal Injury Protection claim.


  • Accident Reconstruction

    We provide expert services in the areas of collision analysis, Event Data Recorder (black box) technology, forensic mapping, crime scene mapping and commercial truck crash investigations.

    • Collision Analysis: Understanding the dynamics involved in a vehicle crash is paramount in reconstructing the event.

    • Event Data Recorder Technology: Our experts will either travel to the vehicle or a module can be sent to our lab for data imaging. The data extracted will then be combined with other evidence and, with the use of scientific principle, reconciliation between a scientific analysis and the data report will be made.

    • Forensic and Crime Scene Mapping: With the use of electronic survey equipment, our experts create stunning 3D graphic animations from measurements of physical evidence taken at the scene.

    • Commercial Truck Crash Investigations: The principles used for standard automobile crashes differ from those of commercial vehicles, and the mere braking nomenclature alone is a critical component in understanding and identifying some of the many contributing factors involved in these often-catastrophic events.

    Vehicle crash reconstructions are done in cases involving personal injury and/or death.

    Our expert is Accreditation Commission on Traffic Accident Reconstruction (A.C.T.A.R.) certified, with unparalleled experience and success in the courtroom.


  • SIU (Special Investigations Unit)

    Jane Doe Investigations SIU Team is comprised of former law enforcement officers who have training in interviews and interrogation, crime scene/homicide/sex crimes investigations, worker’s compensation and missing persons. Our investigators have attended Basic/ Advanced Detective School, Managing an Investigative Unit, LSI Scan, Interviewing sexual delinquents and Financial investigations. Special Investigations cases often require extensive research and a high-level of attention to detail.  We have a highly trained staff of investigators to handle cases that require a multi-faceted inquiry approach into the information provided to us by our clients.

  • Background Investigations

    Our experienced investigative team can conduct the most basic to the most comprehensive background search and can include reviewing applications and personal reference checks. We have experienced investigators that can interview references, conduct thorough social media, financial reviews and I-CHAT searches.

  • Financial Investigations

    Jane Doe Investigations offers specialized investigations into many types of financial fraud.  Specialized areas of financial fraud investigation include bank fraud (check fraud & credit/debit card fraud), employee embezzlements (both bookkeeper & front line employees), bribery (i.e. “kick-back” schemes), employee larceny (theft of cash & other valuable inventory), and general auditing of financial statements, business records and the location of business assets.

  • Domestic Investigations

    Domestic Investigations often require an individualized approach to determine the best way to provide information for any parties involved.  Jane Doe Investigations will partner with Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services and any other entity involved when handling domestic violence, child custody cases, infidelities, and finding hidden financial assets to name a few.

  • Executive Protection

    Our Executive Protection Detail can provide additional security for any number of situations. We have highly trained professionals who are former or current law enforcement officers.  Their training and experience includes defensive tactics, SWAT, surveillance, and firearms.  Whether you need them by your side all the time or just someone in the area keeping an experienced eye on you and your family, we have the experts to help.

  • Process Service

    When you need legal paperwork served upon an individual, we can help you find them and make it official. Whether it is a court subpoena, divorce paperwork, Personal Protection Orders, or billing notices, we have experienced and professional investigators that will find and serve the intended party. Clients will be kept updated and proof of service documents will be provided in a timely manner.

  • Canine Narcotics and Bomb Detection

    Jane Doe Investigations offers canine services which include Explosive and Narcotic detection. With the rise in terrorism, our services can be used to detect and thwart, acting as a deterrent against terrorist acts and symbolic targets. All canines and handlers are National Association of Professional Canine Handlers (N.A.P.C.H.) certified in their canine specialty. All canines are trained to work near people (crowds) as well as other canines. Our working canines are extremely social and trained to stay on task no matter the environment or level of activity. No request is too big or small. Canines can be used to clear a private home, large industrial work place, LSS investigations or large events. The job will dictate the number of canines needed.