Investigative Case Review

An Investigative Case Review begins with a crime or other incident that was investigated by another agency, be it a governmental entity, another private investigation firm, or any investigative agency, public or private, and, for various reasons, an experienced, professional analysis of the investigation is being sought.  Case reviews that are brought to Jane Doe Investigations┬« often come from persons with a family member in prison who is working with one of the innocence projects in Michigan, attorneys who represent the estates of deceased individuals, individuals deceased under suspicious circumstances or missing persons under suspicious circumstances where law enforcement resources have been exhausted.

Jane Doe Investigations┬« reviews the investigative case and court files, interviews witnesses and/or other involved parties when appropriate and, based on decades of experience and training in civil and criminal case investigation, can provide the client with additional information and new investigative strategies which may be provided to attorneys and/or to the involved law enforcement jurisdictions. 

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