Cell phone & Computer forensics

Our team utilizes industry leading technology to forensically recover the data you need. All equipment is tested, verified and meets legal standards for the forensic recovery of evidence, such as Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED).


Cell Phone Forensics

Everyone has a Pattern of Life regardig their daily habits.  This Pattern of Life gives a detailed look into their behavior. Exploiting these Patterns is critical when conducting any investigation. Our team is experienced with determining these patterns, findng deviations and exploiting them to corroborate, locate or refute other evidence.

Computer Forensics

Our team is experienced and are the industry leadig experts in the recovery of data from mobile devices as well as Call Detail Record Analysis and Geo-location specialists. Obtaining the records from a cellular provider can allow our team to geo-locate a device at a particular location and track a devices movements over time. We can determine frequency of contacts, frequency of locations and frequency of use. Again, allowing us to exploit a Pattern of Life for an individual and further our investigations.

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Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phones serve as more than just communication devices, they are also powerful computers that retain our entire history of texts, searches, and personal preferences. The forensic analysis of these devices can yield valuable evidence from various sources such as messages, notes, Wi-Fi connections, videos, Bluetooth devices, and email accounts, among others. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to engage the services of a highly skilled and up-to-date digital forensic examiner when such evidence is to be presented in court.