Exceeding expectations with experience led, integrity driven, confidential investigations.   

  ~ JDI Mission

Assigned Claims Investigations

Jane Doe Investigations’ professional and experienced Assigned Claims investigators can answer your Order of Priority and other automobile claims related questions.
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Cheating spouse? Exaggerated injury? Unfit parent? When you need video evidence, you need Jane Doe Investigations.
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Domestic Investigations

Child custody, infidelity, hidden assets … Jane Doe Investigations will work with you to determine what information you need and how to best obtain that information. Let our experienced team go to work for you.
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Providing the highest quality private investigations throughout Michigan.

Covert Surveillance

“Val” claims her neck, back and right shoulder injuries prevent her from leaving her house, driving a car, bending at the waist or shopping (video blurred for anonymity).

Stationary Camera Surveillance

Social Media Surveillance

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