Cold Case Investigations

A cold case is a crime or an incident that was not fully solved or is no longer the subject of a law enforcement criminal investigation, but for which new information could emerge. Jane Doe Investigations® serves a role in these investigations by identifying, locating and interviewing new witnesses, re-examining archived documents, as well as locating new or retained material evidence.  The cases that are brought to Jane Doe Investigations® often come from families with a member in prison who is working with one of the innocent projects in Michigan, attorneys who represent the estates of individuals deceased or deceased under suspicious circumstances or missing persons under suspicious circumstances where law enforcement resources have been exhausted.

Jane Doe Investigations® reviews the case and court files and based on experienced law enforcement training provides the client additional information and investigative strategy which can be provided to attorneys and/or back to the law enforcement jurisdiction. 

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Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phones serve as more than just communication devices, they are also powerful computers that retain our entire history of texts, searches, and personal preferences. The forensic analysis of these devices can yield valuable evidence from various sources such as messages, notes, Wi-Fi connections, videos, Bluetooth devices, and email accounts, among others. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to engage the services of a highly skilled and up-to-date digital forensic examiner when such evidence is to be presented in court.