Cold Case Investigation

Jane Doe Investigations® has experienced case investigators who can breathe new life into a cold case and re-open your investigation.

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Cheating spouse? Fake injury? Unfit parent? When you need video evidence, regardless of the reason, you need Jane Doe Investigations®.

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Domestic Investigations

Child custody, infidelity, hidden assets … we will work with you to determine what information you need and how to best obtain it.

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Insurance Claims Investigation

Jane Doe Investigations’ professional and experienced Assigned Claims investigators can answer your Order of Priority and other automobile claims related questions.

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Civil Rights Violations Investigation

Jane Doe Investigations® works hand in hand with other organizations such as the Michigan American Civil Liberties Union, The Innocence Project and multiple professional.  

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Cases completed

Licensed, bonded and insured in Michigan and North Carolina.
State of North Carolina NC 270325.  State of Michigan 3701206608.

“Our Office has worked with Jane Doe Investigations® for several years, and always find the staff to be knowledgeable, prompt, thorough and helpful.” – Liedel Law Group

Covert Surveillance

“Val” claims her neck, back and right shoulder injuries prevent her from leaving her house, driving a car, bending at the waist or shopping (video blurred for anonymity).

“We Used Jane Doe Investigations® for a couple of issues.  They did great work, very professional and – BONUS  –   female owned and operated!  Very impressed and I would highly recommend them!” – Sandy

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Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phones serve as more than just communication devices, they are also powerful computers that retain our entire history of texts, searches, and personal preferences. The forensic analysis of these devices can yield valuable evidence from various sources such as messages, notes, Wi-Fi connections, videos, Bluetooth devices, and email accounts, among others. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to engage the services of a highly skilled and up-to-date digital forensic examiner when such evidence is to be presented in court.